WP Round Table is a weekly show about the people of the WordPress community. It is solely focused on showcasing the amazing people that make up this thriving ecosystem. But it does take some work to coordinate and manage so financial support is greatly appreciated.

If you are considering supporting the WP Round Table show, here’s some information which will help you understand what we promise to do for you and what we ask of you in return:

What we will do

  • Mention your sponsorship during the intro segment and conclusion of any sponsored episode. This can be an informal riff by us or we can read a script. That depends on what you’d prefer so we can discuss to figure out those details.
  • Permanent link on show notes post. This can include a description of your product/offer with an image if you provide it.
  • One thank you tweet following each episode.

What we ask for

  • Detailed information about your product, company and offer ( if applicable )
  • Special offer for our listeners ( recommended )
  • Unique code or landing page on your site ( recommended )
  • Payment in advance

Payment options

  • Single episode: $200
  • Four episodes: $750 ( $187.50/episode )
  • Eight episodes: $1,300 ( $162.50/episode )
  • Sixteen episodes: $2,400 ( $150/episode )


  • Site traffic:
    • Avg. daily visitors: 7
  • YouTube:
    • Subscribers: 114
    • Videos: 140
    • Avg. views per video: 60
  • Twitter:
    • Followers: 231
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