HOA 48 Chad Warner from OptimWise

HOA 48 Chad Warner from OptimWise

Chad Warner is founder of OptimWise, a WordPress web design agency in Holland, MI. Chad’s a co-organizer of the WordPress Grand Rapids meetup group and WordCamp Grand Rapids. He empowers small businesses, camps in forests, and has a passport to Middle-Earth.

In this episode, on top of talking about his work experience and current company, Chad also goes into some psycho-diagnosis that he claims not to be qualified to get into.

Chad also talks about his first time meeting Dustin Hartzler and how that got him involved more in the community.

Of course, the quote of the day was from Kellen, where he decided that we were the “Pokemon of WordPress Podcasts.”  This is why anyone who comes on our show loses 5 twitter followers.

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