HOA 39: Matt Medeiros – Slocum Studios

HOA 39: Matt Medeiros – Slocum Studios

Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report Podcast, Slocum Studios, Slocum Themes and the Conductor plugin will be joined us for episode 39!

In this episode we discussed pricing products, creating themes and plugins, and running businesses.  We also discussed hiring and managing employees and what you may want to consider when looking to work for Matt. Matt shared some great insight on what it takes to run a successful agency.

Some highlights:

  • One of Matt’s biggest “lessons learned” was that hiring people because you think they believe in your vision is probably not the way to go.
  • We should definitely have James Dalman on as a guest for a future episode. We’ve booked him for March 9th.
  • Matt learned some valuable lessons about the technologies used to manage projects and interact with clients. He used to use Basecamp and now uses Freshdesk.
  • Matt tackles hard questions about why he’s involved in soooo many projects and how he determines which projects are worth his time.

This weeks picks of the week were:

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