HOA 35: John James Jacoby – Flox

HOA 35: John James Jacoby – Flox

That’s right, we’ll be interviewing the one and only John James Jacoby a.k.a. “J-Trip”.  John is the lead developer of BuddyPress and bbPress and has truly been a critical player in making the WordPress we all know and love today.  John’s recent crowdfunding campaign has taken the community by storm raising over $50,000 to give him 6 months of dedicated work on improving BuddyPress, bbPress, and GlotPress.  He’s gotten as much as $10,000 from one private contributor and $5,000 from such notable names as Web Dev Studios and Copyblogger Media.

Keeping with his pursuit to connect people more personally on the internet, John is also in the process of launching Flox, a powerful new do-it-yourself social media site.  Flox is in BETA now, but promises to give social networks to anyone who has a unique idea or simply wants a more private network for friends and family to communicate.

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2 thoughts on “HOA 35: John James Jacoby – Flox

  1. Late to the party with listening to this, but great episode.

    “$10,000 from one private contributor” – That’s be Collis Ta’eed, CEO of Envato (and my boss) and his donation was just as public as the other ones. 🙂

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