HOA 33: Ben Lobaugh – Web Dev Studios

HOA 33: Ben Lobaugh – Web Dev Studios

Ben lives on a freaking BOAT! What more do you want?!

How about….

Ben went from wanting to be a Forest Ranger to being a developer.  He started out with a friends Pokemon website and finally made it to being the Lead Developer at Web Dev Studio.  He also talks about his time with Automattic and Microsoft (where he used his Mac). 

Ben gives us some great insight on the benefits and difficulties of working remotely and his experience with several other great WP personalities.  He also talks about the differences between small companies like Web Dev and huge companies like Microsoft.

If you’d like to know more about Ben Lobaugh, you can find him here:

The panel’s picks of the week:

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Kellen:  DataTables jQuery plugin

Ben:  JJJ Crowdfunding work on BuddyPress 


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