HOA 22: Web Design with Michelle Schulp

HOA 22: Web Design with Michelle Schulp

This week’s interview was simply outstanding. Michelle Schulp is an experienced print and web designer who was really able to break down the fundamentals of design for us. But she didn’t stop there. We got into her pet peeves about web design, public restroom UX, and how she pretends to drink manly drinks. One of my top three interviews so far. Don’t miss it!

One thought on “HOA 22: Web Design with Michelle Schulp

  1. It is so important to take care of oneself. I also work like that. Walks in the middle of the day, naps, etc.

    It is a sign of true intelligence 🙂

    I wish you would be at Providence WordCamp. I enjoyed seeing you at Boston 2013. And enjoyed your talk immensely.


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