HOA 19: Interview with Brad Parbs

HOA 19: Interview with Brad Parbs

A special thanks to Brad Parbs for joining us this week to discuss his life as a developer and the projects he’s involved with.  Brad currently works for Web Dev Studios but his path to get there was quite interesting.  From his school days of thinking he wanted to be a teacher to his days of realizing that being an independent developer wasn’t the right choice for him, Brad shared tons of great insight on the joys and struggles of being a developer.

Brad also holds a special recognition of being the only guest ever on the show that I have ever sworn would not get administrator access to any of my sites.  You’ll have to watch to find out why.


The Brad Parbs Story

In the interview Brad tells us how he started off developing for a small company before getting involved in WordPress and then moved on to being an overwhelmed independent developer.  With the help of a weekend startup group, he went from independent developer to cofounder of a company named Snow Day Group, but finally ended up back in the work force with Web Dev Studios.

Aside from telling us his life story, Brad also discussed his passion for the Dalek’s and how he personally plans to destroy the souls of humans with a plugin that he created that is too evil to mention.  Despite his morally questionable ventures with plugins, Brad was full of great  insights and will hopefully be back to continue teaching us.

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