HOA 14: WordPress Child Themes

HOA 14: WordPress Child Themes

Have you ever found that WordPress theme that is 95% of what you were looking for, but not quite there?

In this Google Hangout on Air, we discussed the how-to’s and reasons for using child themes.  Child themes are THE way to customize a theme for WordPress.  We also have tons of resources on how to do make them and when you may want to find another way.

Resources for Child Themes

Here are many of the resources mentioned in the Hangout.

  1. Kyle’s child theme presentation.
  2. Excluding themes from updates.
  3. WordPress codex on child themes.
  4. One-Click Child Theme plugin.

This show was a little shorter than usual and, to be honest, there were a few slow spots.  The video goes through much more of the why or why not, while the resources cover much more of the how-to.  Let us know in the comments below if you have any other good resources or ideas on why to use them.

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