HOA 13: Where’s the Turbo Button?

HOA 13: Where’s the Turbo Button?

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WPRT HOA 13 is all about how to improve website speed performance.  We will be discussing WordPress plugins and outside resources to evaluate and correct problems with loading times.

In this hangout we discussed a variety of ways to improve your website loading speed, starting with identifying the problems.  Speeding up your website is important for viewers, conversions, and SEO.  So if your website is super fast, this HOA is not for you.

To start out with, we discussed analyzing your sites web speed.  While there are lots of tools that do that, we recommended WebPageTest.org and GTMetrix.com.  A simple Google search for “test my website speed” will bring up several others, but I (Jason) recommend these two specifically because they offer very actionable results, things that can be done relatively easily to improve your site.

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

If you run either of those tests, you’re likely to find dozens of things that you can do to improve your website.  But there are a few easy fixes for most sites.  Here are some of the recommendations that were discussed in the Hangout.

Jason’s recommendations:

CloudFlare – A Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as CloudFlare stores information from your site on all of the servers in their network.  CloudFlare has servers across the world and allow your site to be delivered to people across the world without having to go all the way back to your server for everything.  While this isn’t the topic for today, CloudFlare also does several things to improve your site security.

Reducing image size – There are several options for reducing the size of images without losing quality.  I will be doing more on this in the future, but the tool that I recommended for lossless reduction was ImageOptim for Mac.  I am still searching for a suitable PC replacement for this tool, so if you know of one please let me know in the comments below.  As an online alternative, give Image Optimizer a try.  It’s online and it’s free.

Kellen’s recommendations:

WordPress has it’s own tv show on WordPress.tv and Kellen suggested watching the video from Topher DeRosia on caching.  Another tutorial that Kellen recommends is from WP Sessions.  You will have to log in, but this tutorial should be free.

One PC solution to the optimizing photos is FileOptimizer.  Kellen also recommended WP Smush.It as an automatic alternative for compressing images.  This plugin automatically compresses any photo added to your WordPress website.  While this doesn’t work as well as Image Optim, it is convenient in that you have no additional steps to take.

Kyle’s recommendations:

Using font icons was another solution for keeping images off your site and speed your site up.  Using font icons from IcoMoon and Font Awesome will have your social media icons treated as text instead of images and loaded much more quickly.


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  1. For optimizing images, I recommend the Imsanity plugin. It automatically resizes and compresses uploaded images. Despite my best efforts, clients don’t optimize before uploading, so I tried a bunch of plugins and found this one to work best.

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