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Co-founder of Real Big Marketing, WordPress enthusiast, plugin developer and guitar player.
74: Sunny Ratilal – Easy Digital Downloads

74: Sunny Ratilal – Easy Digital Downloads

All the way from London, Sunny Ratilal joined us for a discussion about his university studies, WordPress development, being involved in open source, working with EDD and plenty more besides. Sunny’s a pretty brilliant chap and I very much enjoy chatting with him.


HOA 39: Matt Medeiros – Slocum Studios

HOA 39: Matt Medeiros – Slocum Studios

Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report Podcast, Slocum Studios, Slocum Themes and the Conductor plugin will be joined us for episode 39!

In this episode we discussed pricing products, creating themes and plugins, and running businesses.  We also discussed hiring and managing employees and what you may want to consider when looking to work for Matt. Matt shared some great insight on what it takes to run a successful agency.

Some highlights:

  • One of Matt’s biggest “lessons learned” was that hiring people because you think they believe in your vision is probably not the way to go.
  • We should definitely have James Dalman on as a guest for a future episode. We’ve booked him for March 9th.
  • Matt learned some valuable lessons about the technologies used to manage projects and interact with clients. He used to use Basecamp and now uses Freshdesk.
  • Matt tackles hard questions about why he’s involved in soooo many projects and how he determines which projects are worth his time.

This weeks picks of the week were:

HOA 38: Ben Cool – A2 Hosting

HOA 38: Ben Cool – A2 Hosting

Ben is just a Cool guy who works at an awesome hosting company.  A2 hosting has been making waves in the WordPress community with their efforts to make WordPress run faster and cleaner than on other hosting platforms.  In this episode, we discussed hosting, programming, 5 for the future, and Ben’s path to where he is today.

HOA 37: Jeff Chandler – WP Tavern

HOA 37: Jeff Chandler – WP Tavern

Blogger at WP Tavern, co-host of the WordPress Weekly podcast, WordCamp speaker and community leader Jeff Chandler will be joined us for episode 37.

Remember to check us out on iTunes if you can’t catch the video.

In this episode we discussed WP Tavern, the WordPress weekly podcast, and his involvement in the WordPress community.

Our picks of the week were:

HOA 36: Nikhil Vimal – TechVoltz

HOA 36: Nikhil Vimal – TechVoltz

Nikhil Vimal is a 15 year old WordPress Wiz Kid. While still in high school, he already has his own tech company where he builds WordPress stuff. He has also been a contributor to WordPress core and will be speaking at some upcoming WordCamps. Nick share with us the struggles he’s had building a company while attending school and the support he’s gotten from the community. It’s an inspiring story that should be shared with students, teachers, and parents everywhere.

If you’d like to know more about Nikhil, you can check out his blog or find him on twitter @TechVoltz.

And Now…..


The Nikhil Vimal Interview!


In this episode we discussed Nick’s company TechVoltz, his internship with iThemes, his plugin development, future WordCamps and getting involved in the WordPress community.

HOA 35: John James Jacoby – Flox

HOA 35: John James Jacoby – Flox

That’s right, we’ll be interviewing the one and only John James Jacoby a.k.a. “J-Trip”.  John is the lead developer of BuddyPress and bbPress and has truly been a critical player in making the WordPress we all know and love today.  John’s recent crowdfunding campaign has taken the community by storm raising over $50,000 to give him 6 months of dedicated work on improving BuddyPress, bbPress, and GlotPress.  He’s gotten as much as $10,000 from one private contributor and $5,000 from such notable names as Web Dev Studios and Copyblogger Media.

Keeping with his pursuit to connect people more personally on the internet, John is also in the process of launching Flox, a powerful new do-it-yourself social media site.  Flox is in BETA now, but promises to give social networks to anyone who has a unique idea or simply wants a more private network for friends and family to communicate.

Here are some other interviews with JJJ if you’re interested.

Applied Filters

The Dradcast

WordPress TV

HOA 34: Becky Davis – Becky Davis Design

HOA 34: Becky Davis – Becky Davis Design

Becky Davis is the founder of Becky Davis Design, a Chicago based consultancy focusing helping clients implement effective web site solutions. She is also a speaker at numerous events and a Meetup organizer.  Becky shared with us a world of great information.  We talked about how she got into web design, WordPress, and the community.

When it comes to being a solopreneur, Becky has it down pact.  She shared with us the struggles and benefits of running a one-person business.  She described in-depth what she’s mentioned in past WordCamp talks about how she approached WordPress as a limited solution until she decided to stop saying no and find a way to make things work.  We also discussed business strategies such as getting into niches.  Mostly, however, we really dug into those difficult clients and how to make them workout or when to get rid of them.

This was a very powerful interview and I hope you get as much from it as I did.

More on Becky Davis

Becky Davis Design

Becky on WordPress TV




HOA 33: Ben Lobaugh – Web Dev Studios

HOA 33: Ben Lobaugh – Web Dev Studios

Ben lives on a freaking BOAT! What more do you want?!

How about….

Ben went from wanting to be a Forest Ranger to being a developer.  He started out with a friends Pokemon website and finally made it to being the Lead Developer at Web Dev Studio.  He also talks about his time with Automattic and Microsoft (where he used his Mac). 

Ben gives us some great insight on the benefits and difficulties of working remotely and his experience with several other great WP personalities.  He also talks about the differences between small companies like Web Dev and huge companies like Microsoft.

If you’d like to know more about Ben Lobaugh, you can find him here:

The panel’s picks of the week:

Kyle: Web Savvy Marketing meets Crowd Favorite 

Kellen:  DataTables jQuery plugin

Ben:  JJJ Crowdfunding work on BuddyPress 


HOA 32: Marcus Couch Interview

HOA 32: Marcus Couch Interview

Marcus Couch is a prolific podcaster, plugin aficionado and WordPress expert.  If you’d like to get more great content from Marcus, you can find him at WP Plugins A to Z and at WordPress Weekly.

Marcus brought a lot of great information and inspiration about podcasting and running a business.